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Rear Projection TV and Digital Projector lamps.

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Suppliers of rear projection TV and Digital Projector lamps.

We offer unbeatable service and prices on all UHP lamps in our range.

Some of our most popular products include lamps for the Sony KDF-E50A12U aka KDFE50A12U, Sony XL-2400 aka XL2400, Sony KDF-50E2010 aka KDF50E2010 and Sony KF-42SX300U aka KF-42SX300U.

We also stock Samsung lamps for televisions such as the Samsung SP50L7HX aka SP-50L7HX, Samsung SP-46L6HX aka SP46L6HX, Samsung BP96-00677A(P) aka BP9600677A(P) and BP96-01472A(P132W) aka BP9601472A(P132W).

This is just a sample of our expansive range that includes lamps for LG televisions, Sagem Axium, Panasonic and Optoma. If you can't find what you're looking for then just get in touch and we'll be sure to be able to identify the correct item for you.